Sensitivity Training


Leading Provider of Sensitivity Training

How We Add Value?

As Canada’s leading provider of Sensitivity Training, we provide training to build awareness and restore normalcy when there has been a workplace incident.

With your input, we will design sessions to address the facts of a particular situation.  And, our training can be delivered in the workplace or offsite, depending upon the circumstances.  We work with you to identify a neutral place at, or in close proximity to, the workplace.

Where necessary, we can also deliver Sensitivity Training in real-time with technology using video and supported by an audio teleconference line so that there’s a live facilitator available throughout the session.  This is our very popular Live Web Workshop delivery channel that enables us to provide services across Canada.

Our goal is to ensure that the training takes place in a respectful and professional environment where all attendees can feel safe.


Sensitivity Training for All Levels


Sensitivity Training for Employees

Designed for employees who do not have responsibility for direct reports.  Some of these individual contributing employees may be in management roles because they have responsibilities for managing resources other than people.  This training is rich with skill-building exercises, including role-plays, to help participants become better able to work through inappropriate situations at work.


Sensitivity Training for Middle-Managers

Designed for employees who have responsibility for direct reports and may be in an Emerging Leader or long-time people manager category.   This training program is not designed for employees with executive-level responsibilities.  Included are tools and techniques to help participants develop the competence to manage through inappropriate workplace incidents.

Sensitivity Training for Executives

Designed for employees who have executive-level responsibility.  Such employees may own and run a P&L and have a title that indicates C-Suite level responsibilities across multiple divisions, departments, and or, geographies.  This training is rich with skill-building exercises, including role-plays, to help participants become better able to work through inappropriate workplace situations.


Respect in the Workplace


Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Mental health problems and illnesses are the leading cause of both short and long-term disabilities in Canada. The Canadian Mental Health Commission has reported that, in any given year, one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness, with a cost to the economy in excess of $50 billion dollars. As adults spend approximately 60% of their time at work, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has introduced a framework which helps employers create more psychologically safe workplaces. This framework is called the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (The Standard). The Standard is the first of its kind in the world.


Sensitivity Training for Workplace Restoration

This customized training is an effective way to address negative workplace conduct.  On an individual or group basis Sensitivity Training Canada can provide solutions to help your leadership team and employees deal, skillfully, with numerous conduct-related issues.  With your input, we’ll design sessions to address the details of the situation.

Cultural Sensitivity Training for Diversity

Participants learn the importance of managing Diversity, broadly defined, at all levels both inside and outside the organization. We cover how Diversity affects the bottom-line, false assumptions, and how they can lead to unintentional biases; how valuing differences prevents workplace discrimination and harassment; cross-cultural communications; cultural sensitivity; and approaches for resolving Diversity-related conflict.


Workplace Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment

Covers how to recognize workplace bullying or harassment.  We examine what is ‘Harassment’ and ‘Bullying’, and what is not.  Participants are provided with techniques for dealing with incivility in the workplace.  We discuss Prohibited Grounds and we discuss the responsibilities of Employees, Management, and Employers.

This is an interactive training session that provides participants with techniques and strategies for taking control of their situation at work, getting help when required, supporting others, and working for favourable workplace outcomes.


Sexual Violence and Harassment

Participants learn about the fundamentals of respect in the workplace. This session addresses and provides examples of behaviour that is considered inappropriate for workplace settings.

Discrimination and Harassment are defined and covered with a comprehensive scenario-based exercise. Participants are provided tools to communicate effectively at work and people-leaders are provided tools, including templates and checklists, to document incidents in the workplace and also to help restore the work environment.



Sensitivity Training Retreats

When there has been one or more inappropriate workplace incident, restoration of interpersonal relationships will be necessary because ongoing conflict, bad attitudes, and psychological unease of employees will impede their productivity. We can help.

Our One-Day Retreat and Half-Day Retreat are designed to strengthen communication among your employees, build their team-playing skills, and heighten their awareness of behaviours, words, and attitudes that support the building of a respectful work environment and those that do not.


One-Day Retreat

  • Suitable for all employee levels
  • 7 hours in duration
  • Includes one 3-hour Sensitivity Training workshop
  • Includes one 2-hour Team Building activity
  • Includes a Communication Skills seminar
  • Lunch and snacks provided

Half-Day Retreat

  • Suitable for all employee levels
  • 3 ½ hours in duration
  • Includes one 1 ½ hour Sensitivity Training seminar
  • Includes one 2-hour Team Building activity and interactive seminar
  • Snacks provided